9 Reasons to Take Cold Showers Everyday

What happens when you take COLD SHOWERS daily for 14 DAYS? Taking a cold shower can provide many benefits like improving your energy levels, mental toughness, boosting your metabolism and enhancing weight loss. Find out how to take a cold…

9 Reasons to Take Cold Showers Everyday



What happens when you take COLD SHOWERS daily for 14 DAYS? Taking a cold shower can provide many benefits like improving your energy levels, mental toughness, boosting your metabolism and enhancing weight loss. Find out how to take a cold shower to reap maximum benefits. You can take them in the morning or take a cold shower after your workout if you want to be warm beforehand. Just 10 days of cold showers can make a huge difference.
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Cold water running down your body can feel very uncomfortable but the benefits for you health, cognition, and performance are enough to justify torturing yourself for a few minutes a day by taking a cold shower. If you actually commit to doing this every morning when you wake up, you will feel very different sensations and effects that can make you start enjoying cold showers. 

For example one of the best instant benefits of stepping into a cold shower is that you’ll immediately feel a rush of energy that’ll lasts much longer after you’re done. You see when you expose yourself to cold, such as in the form of a cold shower, it triggers a shock response in the body. This shock increases the levels of a hormone known as noradrenaline. And that noradrenaline improves your oxygen intake and also increases your heart rate and alertness. So, if you have issues getting your morning started and feeling energetic and ready to take on the day taking a cold shower may be your solution. 

Along with the physical boost in energy taking a cold shower first thing in the morning will also give you a psychological boost that can improve your performance and productivity throughout the rest of the day. This is due to two main reasons. First, by taking a cold shower, you’ve already had your first “win” of the day, which makes you more likely to continue practicing other positive and beneficial behaviors that may not feel so pleasant while you’re doing them. These include things like working out, eating clean, and getting work done. The second way that cold showers benefit your psychology is by increasing mental toughness. Taking them daily trains your mind to confront things that are uncomfortable, be in control of your emotions, and handle stressors that occur during daily life more efficiently.

Next is a benefit that we can all use right now and that’s enhanced immunity. That’s right if you take cold showers there’s evidence that supports the fact that you’ll be less likely to get sick. This is because consistent cold water exposure leads to a stress response and that creates certain changes in the body that ultimately boost the immune system. A study from the Czech Republic showed that when “athletic young men” were immersed in cold water three times a week for six weeks, it boosted their immune system in a statistically significant way. (3) Another study looked at whether cold water immersion has the ability to impact biomarkers of the immune system in young, healthy men. (4) And sure enough the researchers found that cold water immersion three times per week for six weeks increased the number of lymphocytes, in these young men’s body’s. A lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell that helps attack invading bacteria, viruses, and toxins as well as the body’s own cells that have been taken over by viruses or become cancerous. So if you’re interested in improving your immune system taking cold showers could be the thing you need as it may help you reduce how often you get sick. 
Another huge benefit that goes hand in hand with your improved psychology and immunity is that you’ll actually be more likely to show up to work. That’s right a study from the Netherlands that included 3,018 people compared groups of people that took cold showers to groups that took warms showers to find out who took more time off of work. The participants were split into four groups and each of those were instructed to take a warm shower every day for 30 days. The only difference was that one group was asked to end it with 30 seconds of cold water, another group with 60 seconds of cold water, and last with 90 seconds of cold water. Meanwhile, the control group only took warm showers. After a month of following this protocol researchers found that the cold shower groups were less likely to take time off from work due to sickness than those who took warm showers. (1) On top of that after the month long study was over, 64 percent of the participants continued the cold-water regimen because they enjoyed it. And alter a three-month follow-up period, the researchers found that the groups that had cold water exposure had a 29 percent reduction of self-reported sick leave from work. (2)

Another excellent health benefit that cold showers will provide is an improvement in blood circulation. For example, a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine looked at how cold-water immersion after exercise…

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